Whistle Blowing Policy

The Company has in place a whistle-blowing policy and procedure whereby staff of the Company and any other person may, in confidence and in good faith, raise concerns about possible improprieties, misconduct or wrongdoing relating to the Company or its officers in matters of financial reporting or other matters, without fear of reprisals in any form.

The Audit Committee has the responsibility of overseeing and monitoring this policy which is administered with the assistance of the Head of Internal Audit, who is designated as the Group Ethical Officer. Under these procedures, the Company has put in place arrangements for the independent investigation of such matters raised in good faith and for appropriate follow-up action to be taken.

The Company is committed to ensuring that whistle-blowers will be protected against any detrimental or unfair treatment, and shall use reasonable best efforts to ensure that the confidentiality and anonymity of the complainants is protected.

All concerns should be addressed in the following manner:

i.    By mailing to:
The Group Ethical Officer
50 Collyer Quay, 18th floor
OUE Bayfront
Singapore 049321

For mailed concerns, the envelope should be clearly labelled:
To be opened by The Group Ethical Officer only. Submitted in accordance with the Company's Whistleblowing Policy.
ii. Via email to: groupethicalofficer@oue.com.sg
Emails sent will reach the Group Ethical Officer.